Starlink Installation Congleton

Starlink Installation Congleton.
Here we have a starlink installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Congleton.
Customer in this case had a max speed of 10mbs from BT which in some cases is enough but with now both working from home and quite a large bungalow at that the stretch on the internal mesh was pushed to its very limits.
Ordered starlink and arrived within a week and had been up and running on patio for a week and contacted us to make a more permanent installation.
Initially they wanted the dish up on the chimney along with a new Tv aerial from us as well but after a discussion realised best to keep away from the log burner and fix to the wall on a galvanised wall bracket and alloy mast, we installed a new Tv aerial up on the chimney and fed that along with starlink cable into the loft space.
Dish was up and running and 190mbs streaming out into the existing mesh setup in the loft so a very happy client.
For more info or to book an installation feel free to get in touch.