Starlink Installation Chorley

Starlink Installation Chorley.
Fixed price installation of £200.00
Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Chorley.
The customer lived in a group of old Barn conversions that were all on BT copper with speeds of 10mbs and no virgin or anything reliable off the mobile networks, BT had agreed to upgrade as long as everyone would share the cost and that wasn't going to happen.
He contacted us to ask about Starlink and it's reliability and subsequently ordered the kit which arrived within a couple of days.
We installed the dish up on a capped off chimney using a galvanised cradle bracket so not drilled with an alloy mast the cable was routed into the lounge with a socket fitted.
The Starlink was up and running within 20 mins and speeds of 220mbs so a very happy client.
If you wish to have Installation or some advice about Starlink feel free to get in touch .