Starlink Installation Chorley

Starlink Chorley.
Here we have an installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Euxton near Chorley.
This customer was living on the very outskirts of Euxton and were living with a max speed of 10 MBS from BT which are the only service provider in the area with no offering from cable or the mobile networks.
They had opted for Starlink rental to see how it performed and had not even got it out of the box when we arrived to fit.
We installed the dish up on the chimney due to the house being surrounded by trees and this was the only site that didn’t have obstructions fitted with a galvanised bracket and thick Alloy mast. The cable was routed down the building and into the living room at the center of the property.
The speed was up above 150mbs within 30 mins and we then walked round with the client explaining the WI-FI limitations of the router in a thick stone building. He is ordering some mesh routers as advised and trying them out and if not enough quality due to the thick walls we will backhaul the system for him at a later date.
Very happy customer for more info or to book.