Starlink Installation Cheshire

Starlink Installation Cheshire.
Here we have an installation of Starlink in Malpass Cheshire carried out by Andy and Ethan.
This property was a stunning old flour mill and very remote with very limited internet supplied by BT of 5mbs, the client had moved in a couple of weeks ago and had the starlink up and running on the lawn and picking up 230mbs and decided it was time to do the right thing and get the dish mounted professionally.
We installed the dish high up on the wall initially was meant to go on the gable end but the cable wasn’t quite long enough and they didn’t want to order longer cable. The cable was routed into one of the office rooms where we going to install a mesh network round the house using the Deco S7 system due to the Starlink mesh routers not supporting backhaul facility even though the customer had purchased them to try so will be sent back.
We installed a couple of CAT6 cables and installed the RJ45 sockets in 2 rooms set up the mesh network and speeds of 200 mbs in all locations.
A very satisfied customer of Starlink and Aerial-Tek.
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