Starlink Installation Bury

Starlink Installation Bury.
Here we have an installation carried out in Ramsbottom just outside of Bury for a customer who had enough of the usual failures from other providers.
The client was in a residential area but that far from the exchange the speeds that were offered didn’t cap 15mbs at the best of times. He had suffered long enough and with him now working from home and using the zoom calls etc when everyone else was in the house the 15 mbs was pushed to the limit.
He finally took the plunge and ordered starlink which was delivered in 2 weeks and being offered out for a trial for a month. The dish was installed up on the chimney due to some tall trees surrounding the property.
Dish was online within 45 mins and speeds of 180mbs plus straight away.
Another satisfied customer of ours and of course Starlink for more info or to book.