Starlink Installation Bretherton

Starlink Installation Bretherton.
This a Starlink fitted by Andy and Ethan in Bretherton near Leyland for a new ISH build that were struggling with a 1 mbs connection to BT so something had to give as the son was a gamer and trying to download the new FIFA which was a no go at 50 gig.
He ordered Starlink from Currys which arrived within 24hrs but had booked us in for installation a couple of days before.
The starlink dish was fitted up on the gable end using an alloy mast and galvanised wall bracket cable fed into the bedroom.
The dish aligned itself and updated the software but no active account was displayed so he is going to register with starlink but very happy with our service.
For more info or to book a fixed fee Starlink installation for £200.00 feel free to get in touch.