Starlink Installation Bacup

Starlink Installation Bacup.
Here we have a Starlink installation for a clients garage / showroom in a remote area of Bacup carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The customer in this case was running a car sales business but really struggling with his internet with a speed of between 5 and 10 mbs max, he rang us up for a bit of advice firstly as hearing that Starlink would help his business out. He decided to order Starlink and order the Ethernet adapter due to the size of the building knowing he would struggle with Wi-Fi range.
The starlink arrived within 5 days and installed within a week after and a straightforward installation of the dish onto the roof with bolts straight through sealed up. The starlink was up and running and speeds were at plus 180 mbs.
The second issue was the length of the building and the Wi-Fi range of the Starlink router customer had requested a hard wired connection down the entire length along with a hard wired mesh network one fitted at the far end of building and a satellite node half way down.
The result was a mesh system part backhauled part wireless and 50 meters from the main mesh node the speeds were virtually the same plus anywhere the customer went perfect and stable connection so now can upload his cars images etc without losing connections.
Very happy customer for more information or to book feel free to get in touch.