Starlink Installation Alderley Edge

Starlink Alderley Edge.
Here we have an installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.
The client was our typical Starlink customer who lived out in a remote location for the quiet life but also were struggling with internet issues.
This case even though he was from Alderley Edge he lived about 2 miles from the nearest built up part so very far down the telephone speed route and no fibre being planned in the near future. The client was getting a max of 15mbs so was finding things are getting difficult with 2 people working from home using zoom etc also a tennager downloading and playing games.
He had waited patiently for Starlink to become available and set it up running as a trial for 2 weeks and now it was time to make the installation permanent.
The dish was located on a gable end away from the trees cable routed to the conservatory room that was used as the clients office, customer was happy to mesh up himself as only smallish building with thin walls.
Another happy customer and 260mbs compared with 15 is a game changer.