Starlink installarion In Winsford

Starlink Installation Winsford.
Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out by Andy and Ethan in Winsford,Cheshire.
Customer had been dealing with no telephone line and no option of one and an EE Dongle to supply the whole house which was not working, he had waited for the Starlink to be available and then ordered it after taliking to us. We also advised for him to get the Ethernet adapter so we could work on getting Wi-Fi around the property .
The whole house was surrounded by trees and even the app was showing obstructions the chimney was a no go as it had an open coal fire in it so the Starlink wouldn’t have survived that, the only place available is shown here.
The dish was fitted on a galvanised bracket and alloy mast and cable routed around to the bedroom after 30 mins it was pulling in 250mbs so one of the better results from starlink.
We then helped the client set up an Eero Mesh network with 2 nodes and all was good with 70mbs at the furthest location on the opposite side of the house, he was happy with this and didn’t want a backhauled wired network.
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