Starlink Hebden Bridge

Starlink Hebden Bridge.
Here we have a Starlink Installation in Hebden Bridge just outside Halifax carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The customer lived in a very remote area and no BT line was available he was reliant on a 3 outdoor antenna offering about 2 mbs and sometimes resorting to even less off his mobile so starlink became available and he took the plunge.
We installed the starlink on the gable end and fed into the bedroom at one end of the property but had already planned to have a mesh network installed by us, up and running with 180mbs coming down.
We then fitted a cat 6 cable out from the bedroom and down the full length of building and back in other bedroom with 2 rj45 sockets.
Set up the mesh system with 2 hardwired and one wireless in the middle room and switched on with 150mbs anywhere in the property one very happy customer.