Starlink Hebden Bridge

Starlink Installation Hebden Bridge.
Here we have a straightforward installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan.
This was install was for a client who lived in a remote area of Hebden Bridge who had a battle with BT on trying to supply a service that was actually capable of offering more than 5mbs.
He had lived with the problem for a couple of years but now working from home and being reliant on zoom calls etc something had to be done. He ordered the Starlink on a months trial to see how it was and set it up in the garden and after a week decided it was a no brainier and contacted us to set it up.
We installed the dish up on the gable lower than the roof line so not visible from front of property cable routed into the roof space and dropped down into the office room.
Speeds on initial set up with us were plus 150mbs so a very happy client.
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