Starlink Cuddington

Starlink Installation Cuddington.
Here we have a Starlink Installation carried out in Cuddington, Cheshire by Andy and Ethan.
Customer had been renovating this home and now he was moving in it was time to get the Internet sorted. Currently the BT lines were still copper and no dates on when they were to be upgraded so after a quick conversation with us for some advice he ordered the equipment that arrived within a week he then arranged an installation.
He decided to use us as partly for the advice we gave him but also he had contacted a company from the internet that was advertising Starlink nationwide although when it came to pricing it came to 480.00 which he thought was extortionate.
We advertise on our website a fixed price of 200.00 which is fixed including all the brackets and poles etc. We installed this one up on the gable end and fed the cable into the loft to avoid having cable on his k render from the loft into office room to though boiler cupbaord.
The speeds were up at 200mbs so a very happy customer, however we did charge 20 extra for termination of 4 cat5 cables 10 mins work, our policy.
Fair price for a fair job.