Starlink Ambleside

Starlink Installation Great Langdale.
This an installation of Starlink carried out by Andy and Ethan in a remote are if the lakes called Great Langdale on the outskirts of Ambleside.
Customer had 2 properties one of which was a large house that is rented out as a holiday home along with some bunkhouses across the yard.
Current internet was off Plusnet with about 2mbs which was causing all sorts of issues especially when people would come on holiday and expect to have quick reliable internet, he had been holding out to see what the reliability of Starlink was and took the plunge.
Fitted the Starlink up on the chimney out of sight as much as possible with cable routed into the loft. Speeds were up at 180mbs so very happy with it and we help him set up a mesh WiFi to cover house which really well as walls interior were stud.
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