Starlink Alderley Edge

Starlink Installation Alderley Edge.
Here we have a Starlink installation in Alderley Edge carried out by Andy and Ethan.
The customer in this case hadn’t long moved in and was paying 45.00 a month for rural broadband which delivered between 1 and 5 mbs with frequent dropouts, so he took the offer from starlink and placed the order.
We advised him to order a triple pack of Deco s7 units so he could cover the house in good reliable internet and he could use his phone to Wi-fi call as mobile signal was terrible as well.
Dish was fitted as low profile as possible as listed property with using galvanised bracket and alloy mast with cable fed down to the lounge, brush socket fitted starlink switched on and 170mbs within 20 mins.
We then installed the deco mesh system wirelessly due to not being a large property and speeds coming in at 140mbs at furthest point one very happy customer.
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